About The German Society of Maritime Technology

The Schiffbautechnische Gesellschaft e.V. - STG - (The German Society for Maritime Technology) was founded 1899. The purpose of our Society, a non-profit-making organization, is to provide a forum for shipbuilders, shipowners, sub-suppliers, scientific persons and institutions connected with shipbuilding, to discuss and examine matters of a scientific, technical or practical nature, and to promote matters of interest to maritime technology as a whole. The conferences, and meetings of the STG, as well as assemblies of its committees cover a wide programme of lectures on the most recent developments and findings in theoretical science and practical work. At the same time, our meetings help the members to establish and maintain contacts with their colleagues. The STG has approximately 1500 members, natives and foreigners, about 130 of them are companies, organizations and authorities.


The activities of the STG mainly comprise:

  • once a year, in November, a congress (General Meeting) with technological and scientific lectures, sightseeing and social party,
  • in uneven numbered years in September/October the international Conference "Ship Efficiency",
  • several lecture meetings on specific subjects of naval architecture and marine engineering,
  • edition of a year-book, which contains all lectures and discussions of the conferences and meetings.

Numerous honorary members work in the below stated expert committees:

  • History of naval architecture
  • Ship hydrodynamics
  • Ship design and ship safety
  • Construction and strength
  • Marine engines
  • Vibrations and Noises
  • Marine electrical engineering
  • Measuring technics and automation
  • Material and corrosion
  • Ocean engineering
  • Instruction and continuation training in ship engineering
  • Port and ship
  • Manoeuvring
  • Inland vessels
  • Naval technology
  • Fabrication technology
  • Maritime Communication and IT 

From a special donation the STG promotes students of naval architecture and mechanical engineering by granting scholarships.


There exist agreements of Co-operation with similar institutions in other countries. By these agreements the exchange of informations shall promoted. The members of the institutions are allowed to join the events of the other institutions at the conditions applying to their members.


Agreements of co-operation exist with


If you want more informations about the STG please visit www.stg-online.org!