Detailed Program

The purpose of this excursion is to get a first-hand look at the maritime business and associated technologies in these countries. The visiting program includes the following companies and institutions:

Tue, 02.09.: Flight to Nanjing
Wed, 03.09.: Arrival in Nanjing; Experience Chinese Culture: President Palace, Confusions Temple, Qinhuai River
Thu, 04.09.: Visiting Jingling Shipyard and Luzhou Factory, Drive to Zhenjiang
Fri, 05.09.: Visiting CSSC CME, Kongsberg, BMS Jiangsu and Jiangsu Science and technology University, Meeting the local governmengt in Zhenjiang
Sat, 06.09.: Visiting "Old Street" in Zhenjiang, travelling to Shanghai by train
Sun, 07.09.: Sightseeing: Visiting the Old town outside of shanghai
Mon, 08.09.: Sightseeing (Public Holiday in China): Yu Garden and Downtown old living area
Tue, 09.09.: Visiting Hudong Shipyard and Jiao Tong University
Wed, 10.09.: Visiting Schottel in Suzhou and SDARI Design
Thu, 11.09.: Flight to Busan, Meeting acommpanying Students from Pusan National University
Fri, 12.09.: Visiting DSME and SHI
Sat, 13.09.: Visiting Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Faculty at Pusan National University, Culture: Busan Gugak Centre
Sun, 14.09.: Sightseeing
Mon, 15.09.: Visiting HHI, Temple Visit
Tue, 16.09.: Flight back to Germany