Timo Wilcke

First of all I want to thank all the people who have been involved in the organization of this extraordinary trip to lovely Singapore!


I am a 27 jear old man who was born in Schleswig, northern Germany. Since I was tl_files/userpictures/Timo2.jpgyoung I have been sailing with my family and friends and I loved it. Locigal consequence was the appranticeship as a boatbuilder at Knierim Individual Yachts in Kiel from 2003 to 2007. In the yard I formed my skills in laminating, joinery works, painting, design and scheduling at many projects like several yachts up to 60 ft in carbon composites, the German America's Cupper for the United Internet Team Germany and cover paneling for the fuel cell submarines build at HDW in Kiel.


Up to 2010 I studied Naval Architecture and Maritime Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Kiel and finished my Bachelor degree in developing a new software for vibration measurements implementing several klassification societies and standards. In September 2010 I continued with my master degree program.


I am still looking for an opportunity to do my master thesis. So feel free to contact me directly via email: timowilcke@hotmail.com